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Shipping Large Items



We pack and ship anything, anywhere


Don't know how to get it from here to there? Don't worry, we do. The professionals at D&D logistics specialize in large item packing, specialty crating and shipping services. We handle any size any weight any shape with expertise, efficiency, and security.


We pack and ship oversized individual items, such as armoires and grandfather clocks, as well as artwork, antiques, equipment, and high-tech electronics. We also pack and ship entire homes, offices, and warehouses.


With our customized large-item packing services and preferred network of specialized carriers, we can ensure the safety and timely delivery of your shipments.



Custom Boxes & Crates


All wooden boxes and crates can be delivered to you assembled or knocked down, made for domestic or export use. We can make it for one time use or fully reusable. All can be painted, stenciled, bar coded, and/or silk screened.  We can also add custom foam, bracing, saddles, waterproof paper, vacuum sealing, whatever you may need to make sure your item arrives at the destination safely. We can even add hardware so there are no tools necessary to open or close the crate! See our products page for the different variation of crates we can make for you.



Custom Bases & Skids


This is a shipping platform which can hold up to 20,000 lbs. All bases and skids can be made any size, configuration, and weight capacity. We can design it as light or heavy duty as you need it to be. The custom sized base can be made of softwood and/or hardwood, both nailed and bolted together. Fabricated steel frames and braces are incorporated into the base. We can build saddles and cradles to hold your product in place even better. If your product has wheels on it, we can build a ramp to roll it on as well. We will insure your product makes the trip and arrives safely in the same condition it left in.

Freight Forwarding Service

From project forwarding, air freight and ocean freight to inland transportation, our experienced specialists and strong partners all over the globe have everything it takes to make sure that when it comes to moving, nothing stands in your way...

Large Item Crating